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KaijouDattebayo: OMG LOL *brain melts*
DecrepitoVerita: exactly.
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5th-Oct-2005 07:33 am(no subject)
redeemer_raziel@hotmail.com: But SephirothxKadaj would be
redeemer_raziel@hotmail.com: Uhh
redeemer_raziel@hotmail.com: Whats that word?
with_the_cunning_use_of_flags@hotmail.com: redundant?
redeemer_raziel@hotmail.com: incest
with_the_cunning_use_of_flags@hotmail.com: well yeah
4th-Oct-2005 09:32 pm - Gaara=The Hulk?
[it] 8E
LilBit075 (9:28:34 PM): *shudders...just saw*
LilBit075 (9:28:39 PM): FAT FAT gaara
PhreakTransmissn (9:28:44 PM): NUUUUUUUUUUU
LilBit075 (9:28:44 PM): *hides under desk*
PhreakTransmissn (9:28:50 PM): GAARA SMASH DESK!
PhreakTransmissn (9:28:54 PM): *SMASH*
1st-Oct-2005 11:19 pm(no subject)
[Sephiroth] says:
[Vincent Valentine] says:
[Sephiroth] says:
What have you been doing these past three years?
[Vincent Valentine] says:
....Living off what I can.
[Sephiroth] says:
... Living in a box isn't any better.
[Vincent Valentine] says:
...Lived in one for thirty years. I know the feeling.
[Sephiroth] says:
Yes but your box was a full body. I was reduced down to... goo.
[Vincent Valentine] says:
You have a point, there...

[Sephiroth] says:
Mommy didn't love me. sob.
[Vincent Valentine] says:
>>; Emo.
[Vincent Valentine] says:
Your dad used me as an experiment and locked me away in a coffin for thirty years. ..Not to mention, stole my girlfriend. >O
[Sephiroth] says:
Daddy cheated on mommy?!
29th-Sep-2005 12:10 am - scary? or AWESOME?
[it] 8E
PhreakTransmissn (12:09:49 AM): http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2408636/1/
PhreakTransmissn (12:09:52 AM): shika/kankuro
destinytears84 signed off at 12:10:02 AM.

bothered her so much she signed off. *sigh* some people just don't know how to accept alternative pairings...
25th-Sep-2005 12:28 am(no subject)
ooh it's me: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2232206/1/ *DIES*
ooh it's me: oh my god, I am laughing like a lunatic
this ain't me: And look at this review:

Nice work.

And your right. It's a strange and confusing journey on our way to adulthood. When Cera and the others reach adulthood, they will have wonderful experiences of their own.

If you choose to write more chapters. Force that conversation between the adults and the gang. Lord knows the adults will be embarassed, but those experiences should be shared, to encourage trust amoung the groups. And build stronger families for the future.
this ain't me: That scares the fuck outta me.
ooh it's me: yes
ooh it's me: but the fic itself is so absurd and frightening that it's hilarious
this ain't me: It's TERRIFYING.
this ain't me: But I am laughing my ass off.
ooh it's me: EXACTLY
ooh it's me: XDDDD
this ain't me: And it's in the Romance/Mystery genre XDDDDDDDDD
24th-Sep-2005 03:13 pm - CANDEEEEEE!
[it] 8E
loveandpeacea (3:10:19 PM): Do you like snickers bars?
PhreakTransmissn (3:10:37 PM): omgyes
PhreakTransmissn (3:10:38 PM): why?
PhreakTransmissn (3:10:47 PM): do you have a hoarde of them hidden somewhere in town?
PhreakTransmissn (3:10:50 PM): and I have to find them?
PhreakTransmissn (3:10:56 PM): through a series of tips and hints?
loveandpeacea (3:10:57 PM): I just got 2 from my Mom for da trip
loveandpeacea (3:10:58 PM): ^___^
PhreakTransmissn (3:11:02 PM): awww
loveandpeacea (3:11:13 PM): She was hoarding them *lol*
PhreakTransmissn (3:11:17 PM): I was ready for a snickersy teasure hunt of mammoth proportions
PhreakTransmissn (3:11:21 PM): *pouts*
loveandpeacea (3:11:36 PM): I just made it easy by procuring them ahead of time
loveandpeacea (3:11:41 PM): ...or something like that
PhreakTransmissn (3:11:52 PM): but...but the fun of the chase!
loveandpeacea (3:12:04 PM): No, I'm too lazy for that mess
PhreakTransmissn (3:13:03 PM): *sighs*
PhreakTransmissn (3:13:05 PM): *DEFEATED*
loveandpeacea (3:13:21 PM): *snickers* pun intended
PhreakTransmissn (3:13:26 PM): bwahaha
24th-Sep-2005 08:19 am(no subject)
second_lieutenant_havoc: (hey watch what you say about the bottom)
second_liutenant_havoc: (bottom kicks ass!)
flame_alchemist_colonel_mustang: ( *giggles* bottom IS ass )
ltcol_maes_hughes: (no no, bottom IS ass)
second_lieutenant_havoc: (realizes how wrong that sonds*)
flame_alchemist_colonel_mustang: ( XD I LOVE YOU )

Hughes = me, Roy = my cousin, Havoc = cousin's best friend. Yahoo conferences between the three of us should probably be illegal. XD

*waves to the rest of community*
23rd-Sep-2005 04:19 pm - more IMness!
[it] 8E
suzukihayabusa88 (3:50:21 PM): wake up

Auto response from PhreakTransmissn (3:50:22 PM): restoring hp.

suzukihayabusa88 (3:50:32 PM): oh and by the way your not in a game....so you don't have hp
suzukihayabusa88 (3:53:17 PM): or i would attack you with the magic spell of retadedness
suzukihayabusa88 (3:53:42 PM): that is typed like I have a boston accent
suzukihayabusa88 (3:54:24 PM): oh yea
suzukihayabusa88 (3:54:39 PM): DL me the new Silverstein CD

22nd-Sep-2005 10:19 pm - Ink, Pink, You Stink
steampunk sapphirine
Because I was told I had to join. I joined. Now fear my first piece of well... my crack... erm.. that.. sounds wrong...

Me: *snuggles you*
Patrick: *snuggles you more*
Patrick: I'm all hot and sweaty
Me: ewww
Me: go shower
Patrick: nope *snuggles all over you*
Me: EWWW!!! *pushes you away and holds nose while spraying deodorant on you*
Patrick: you don't have any spray deodorant, bwahahahahahaha
Patrick: *snuggles all over you some more*
Me: BUT! I do have my FEBREEZE!
Patrick: you're gonna spray febreeze on me?
Me: yep
Me: *hoses you down*
Patrick: ...
Patrick: *smothers you*
Me: *dies*
cut to my IM collectionCollapse )
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